Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grey day

Just titled that because that happens to be the weather for the past 48 hours or so.

Im amused by last night. Not only did i make use of my smartphone for more than goofing off, i also made sure i got my money back yesterday after a double charge.


Dled an app called Perfect Shopping List. It lets you type in the item, quantity, and cost as you make a list. Then you just tap the things off the list and it adds up your bill for you as you go. Quick, easy, handy. I went to walfart and used it for groceries, but i realized its just as useful for home improvement by allowing you to cutom enter pretty much all the necessary data.

When i went to Denny's with @sayax this past saturday, i paid for my meal and it posted on monday... twice. The manager didnt believe me at first until (again on my G1) showed him my bank account charges. He apologized profusely after that and sat me down to a free meal, asked for my info, and, as of this morning, had the one of the charges refunded to me. Well done, Denny's. I actually like that one too.

While i maintain my position that "the worst a potential employer can tell me is no", i am mildly annoyed that i came to my current job with the intent to be eventually armed. It turns out that if I were armed, id have a much better paying job right now. That said, im not terribly upset by it, just annoyed at the irony. There are still two other companies ive yet to hear from.

The place i am working has its nice benefits, but im not satisfied with myself yet. Im worth and capable of more. Still, they had  a secret shopper who said i was "pleasant" in her report.

This has no real form. Its more or less a freeform stream that my writers mind is fishing ideas from. I think thats about everything for now though. There is that old backhanded blessing. "May you live in interesting times." Well. We shall see.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A month already?

Wow... i cant believe a month has past since my last writing...! Mentally, ive written about 5 entries since the last, but i suppose those dont quite count, do they.

I wrote a poem about two weeks ago. Its offensive and filled with disgust! @sayax said i should post it, but Im not sure. Its not that i dont stand by that writing of that subject, but rather that it is pretty cruel words for someone i dont even know.

I finished my criminal justice 101 course with 509 of 500. Woo. im proud that i earned it, but in a way, i feel like i overworked myself for it. It ended up that EVERY assignment was accepted late with no penalty a week after the final. I took time off work to make sure i did my in-court work. I stayes up late to make sure things were on time. I put forth the effort to make sure i did all that was asked of me and while i still got my A, i feel like i was shortchanged. I do take consolation in the fact that i can say i did achieve making every deadline thrown at me, no matter how outlandish.

Its been an interesting month to say the least. I got my plane tickets arranged to fly to tx with @sayax. Im really looking forward to it. Itll be the first trip involving air travel in about 6 years. I finally get to see all the "better" things about Tx that she always says exist. I say that with a grin, just because i have a list of these things im on the lookout for.

Ive started cutting wood again in prep for the winter. I figure if i cut approx one layer across two pallets every couple of days, i should have a decent stockpile by the time the cold months roll in again. I made my first layer on saturday and intend to cut more either tonight or tomorrow before i spend wed ans thurs at the college with @sayax.

Speaking of @sayax, shes done her best to try and make my day easier by cleaning up the house and doing the dishes. It was great to not have to worry about any of that. Gives me time to be "harry homeowner" and get to work on that wood and mow the lawn. Mowing the lawn isnt terribly hard at this house. At my parents house, we had to combat the hill. Here, i only have to compete with the spine covered "gumballs" and random woodchips and sticks from the wood chopping. Could be worse.

I had the check engine light in the vibe fixed by my mechanic. He called me and asked if id tried to fix it. Confused, i asked why. He told me that some hoses were sliced, some in wrong place, and some not even connected. Ever since, the vibes been great. Much smoother 1st gear than before as well.

Theres actually more i could write, but thatll be all for now. Need some material for next month! Hopefully im just kidding.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dreams are funny things. When i remember them, i can narrate them from start to finish. Its almost a film, except its usually shot in first person and in vibrant colors.

Its something ive always done and has led to some pretty odd moments of deja vu when, at times, i see or feel like ive already done something before. Of course, there are times where the dream is slightly too fantastical for an event to occur, but many are pretty grounded in the realm of plausible.

Dreams have always intrigued me though. The composition, the stark differences between mine and others. The narrative and the disjointed. The sensations.

One somewhat recurring dream isnt really recurring, just the ability is. I feel very light compared to the gravity around me. Everything else retains its normal properties, but i am able to easily spring as high as a telephone pole and, in many circumstances, glide forwards at the very least twice as high as i can jump.

It feels so natural that i feel extremly weighed down when i awaken, however there are rare times a retain the feeling for five minutes after i wake up and actually feel lithe and agile as any living thing. Its always a dissapointment to come away from that feeling.

The mind is quite a strange and unique thing. I despise that i lack the ability to draw because of the amazingly detailed Tim Burton-esque imaginings that, instead of being dark, are more happy go lucky and light.

I concede that one reason i like  www.vinnieveritas.com flashe animations so much is that it nearly perfectly captures my good dreams so well, albeit in a kess detailed manner than i see them. Its difficult to describe exactly the feeling i get from it.

The nightmares do come occasionally, but im often able to remind myself im dreaming and start to try to understand why im dreaming these things in the dream. I become more of an investigator trying to uncover the cause, which becomes the driving force of the nightmare. Rather than events just happening, i take a proactive role to combat them and some sort of yet discovered player constantly seems to mock my efforts and attempt to intimidate me by being two steps ahead. This only incites further investigation. I wonder when ill catch up to them and figure out what exactly is going on and why.

Thoughts abound but im done for now. Have a good night!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Slow Motion

I found an app that will let me use my blog at work called "blogaway". I guess i dont have much excuse not to write now. Heh.

It feels so amazing outside. I actually almost miss working in pools on days like this. Granted, once i remember the stress and rushing to get everything done and fix any issues while at the customers houses, i dont feel so bad.

Still, being outside was lovely. Everything feels like its in slow motion a little bit when i stand out there. Its the kind of day id be happy to sit outside with some juice and just watch the wind move the grass, the trees, and the clouds. Either that or to just sit near a beach and feel the ocean spray.

@sayax says i have 2 modes. Intent on accomlishing something and off. Day to day, that does seem pretty true, but its not how i wholly want to be.

I think i may actually take the bike out when i get home. Where, i dont know, but i just want it to be as warm and to feel that same bit of peace this evening that i can sense now. that and for the chain not to clank through the gears haltingly.

Still, down in Baltimore, its odd. The mix of business and poverty all in this one area doesnt seem as blatant with the weather like it is. Im considering just going down and walking the inner harbor after work just because. Less traffic that way anyways.

Maybe ill do that and go down to the police station and try to get my interview done on the fly... hm...

All i know is im not a terribly big fan of being cooped up in here when the weather out there is so amazing.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Post

I don't often write anymore for the sole reason that I hardly feel like I have much to add to the world in the way of useful, original, and insightful content.

I end up looking around online and seeing so many of my own words being echoed in forums, other blogs, and articles online.

It's not that I am incapable of writing materials, more that my writing had been so driven by my emotions when I was younger, I now feel as though my current form lacks the passion (or fury) of my original writing. It doesn't feel potent to me when I read it back to myself. Granted, a certain irony is found in reading something I've written and expecting it to sound fresh.

@IcemanAsakura came by today and we watched the first 3 episodes of The Pacific. It was enjoyable to sit down and watch something good on the LCD TV in full quality. Afterward, I was happy to hear that his gf expressed a desire to learn how to shoot and took him out back with the .22 Short Minx pistol to see if it'd fit her needs. After 3 shots, he said it likely would. Good deal.

It would appear that my workplace is finally settling in some ways. The ladies there seem to have accepted me as a fixture in the branch and don't panic at the slightest thing as often. I also appreciate they don't see me as purely an errand boy when they order food from the surrounding take-out places.

I do have a number of stories about the bums that tend to surround where I work as well. I may need to start writing them from time to time, just so that I don't forget them. I remember that my pool days offered me a great many stories which could be told for "great justice".

I don't intend to be at the branch forever though... Someday soon I'd like to either be signing myself into the US Army Reserve or the National Guard as an MP or onto one of the surrounding Police Departments. I've little care to remain in my current position. I have someone to care for beyond myself and in my work, I tend to be a service-oriented person rather than personal gain. It's one reason I never did enjoy commissioned sales from either of the times I had been in it.

All the same, a first post it is. Let's see where this one takes us.